Garden Design by Sunya


Garden Design by Sunya is a professional garden and landscape design service with specialist expertise.

Complete Garden Design

  • Modern classic gardens that sit happily in their natural surroundings, offering integrity and unity.
  • Contemporary gardens with functional space planning and creative lighting
  • Sensitively styled courtyard gardens with comfort and year-round interest.
  • Dry gardens designed around drought tolerant plants that revel in sunshine.
  • Zen-influenced oriental gardens to bring balance and peace to external spaces.

Planting design

Using trees and plants to create a sustainable design that fits seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.

Garden styling

Simply to review what already exists and improve or tweak it. This may include replanting, designing water features, playing with light, or creating paths and walls.

Horticultural aftercare service

Checking the progress of your garden so that it reaches its full potential.

On-going design advice

Annually or seasonally for clients who have used any of Sunya’s services.

Creative lighting design

Working with lighting specialists for clients who have specific requirements. Lighting enhances an exterior in a way that no other medium can match and is best developed alongside an entire design scheme.

Highest quality trees and plants sourcing

Directly from specialist growers who are registered and authorised for plant passporting. This ensures the plant’s health and traceability to minimise the threat of plant pests and diseases.